Highest performing laser
ablation chamber on the market

Optimal positional reproducibility over large working area

  • <2 % RSD for a wide suite of elements in all positions in the chamber making the entire sample chamber usable.
  • Standard chamber working area is 100 mm x 100 mm with large format version (150 mm x 150 mm) available allowing many or large samples.

Aerosol transport

  • Unique Typhoon purge mechanism with dedicated bottom purge outlet for complete purge in < 5 minutes – consume less gas and achieve faster time to result.
  • Washout time of 700 ms for 2 orders of magnitude decay, tunable via addition of signal smoother or Dual Concentric Injector (DCI).
  • Pinch valve for minimal aerosol disruption and easy cleaning compared to solenoids.
  • Leak-free operation with no complex corner seal.

Unsurpassed stage return accuracy

  • High precision cross-roller stages with direct, non-cantilevered stage mounting for consistent loading at all stage positions – less wear and tear on stages.
  • Return exactly to the location of original pattern placement – analyze where you intend to.
  • <1.5 µm short term stage return accuracy
  • <4 µm long term stage return accuracy
  • <1 µm long term stage return accuracy with ImageLock

The TwoVol2 ablation chamber is compatible with many options for specialized applications


  • CryoCell for wet tissue and fluid inclusion analysis
  • Dual Concentric Injector (DCI) for 10X improved washout times
  • Large Format (150 mm x 150 mm) option available
  • Signal Smoothers
  • Sample Chamber Inserts (spring loaded and custom options)