Dual Concentric Injector with ultra-fast washout
Performance enhancing upgrade
for improved imaging analysis

la-icp-ms analysis


la icp ms technique

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Ultra-fast washout

  • The Dual Concentric Injector (DCI) enables complete transient peak width of <50 ms for high speed or high resolution imaging.
  • Improved spatial resolution in imaging experiments – true sub-micron ablations available with NWRimage.
  • Faster imaging speeds with less lateral “smearing”.
  • Keeping ions on axis and improving transmission through the ICP-MS interface increases signal intensity.

Easy installation

  • Install in < 5 minutes
  • Integration with the ICP-MS torch itself ensures alignment with the sampling interface.
  • Immune to misalignment during operation, creating stable experiment conditions.
  • Compatible with TwoVol2 ablation chambers.
  • Compatible with all major ICP-MS instruments.

Patent pending

Developed in conjunction with the University of Loughborough.