Laser ablation ICP-MS or ICP-OES
for high throughput trace elemental analysis

The first laser ablation auto sampler

  • Advanced integration with ICP-MS via plugins.
  • Customizable for a wide variety of sample types.
  • Fully automated carousel presents samples to SelfSeal ablation chamber for fast sequential analysis.
  • Optional full robotic handling further enhances sample throughput – up to 1000 per day!

Fully automated “Hands Off” operation

  • Sample loading mechanism delivers samples directly to the ablation plane – no focusing time or errors.
  • Software automatically handles all gas control for each sample with no user intervention.

Designed for high throughput applications

  • Purge time of < 5 seconds between each sample.
  • Focusing time eliminated.
  • Unique sequential approach minimizes time-to-result.


  • Compatible with all NWR platforms
  • Metals and Alloys
  • Glasses
  • Plastics
  • XRF Beads
  • Paper/filters
  • Soils/sediments
  • Pressed Powders
  • Foodstuffs