About Us

Your source for highly innovative laser ablation products.

For more than 20 years, the team at Elemental Scientific Lasers LLC has been serving the ICP-MS market by supplying highly innovative laser ablation products for solid sample introduction.

Elemental Scientific Lasers has a range of products to meet the diverse needs of ICP-MS users and the vastly different applications that they perform. From the NWR266macro designed with industrial bulk analysis in mind, to the NWRimage with its sub 1 micron laser spot designed for bioimaging at the cellular level, Elemental Scientific Lasers has a solution to meet your requirements.

Elemental Scientific Lasers product portfolio consists of:

  • NWR266macro – designed for high throughput industrial bulk analysis
  • NWR213 – a highly flexible instrument fit-for-purpose for a wide range of applications
  • NWR193 – deep UV wavelength for the most challenging sample matrices
  • NWRfemto – for the most accurate and precise elemental and isotopic ratios
  • NWRimage – the only system optimized for elemental bioimaging
  • NWRauto – a customizable range of robotic sample handling options enabling high throughput, automated analysis
  • MIR 10 – laser fusion and step-wise heating system for stable isotope and noble gas MS
  • MicroMill – high resolution, automated, sample milling system
  • Tempest – Nd:YAG laser source for scientific applications

With decades worth of combined experience, the Bozeman based team is ready to work with you on an application solution for your specific needs. We look forward to working with you to improve the speed, precision and accuracy of your ICP-MS or ICPOES analysis.